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Accounting Advisory Services


Solid ideas for your business

We provide Business consulting for new and established businesses that want to get their business growing


  • Direction Setting

  • Business Planning & Consulting

  • Accounting Assistance & Bookkeeping

  •  Strong Tax Analysis

  • Accounting Systems Implementation & Training

For business help you can use to keep building success contact Accounting and Tax Advisory Services Inc.




  • Data Management Provide services to insure the integrity of your financial information, including off-site backup.  Review your business reporting and assist in obtaining the right financial process and reports for your management needs.


  • Financial Management Provide analytical review of your business status.  Assess cash flow and product lines or service profitability.  Assist with loan requirements including SBA, growth funding, and budgeting.


  •  PR Process Starting Jan 2006- Contact us for your PR needs- Never miss a tax payment or tax filing again! 


  • Human Resources Provide analysis of benefits (value to employees and associated costs). Assist with management training, compensation plans, retirement funding, and budgeting for these costs.


  • Taxes - Prepare tax returns including quarterly wage returns, sales/use tax returns/ federal income tax for individuals, proprietors, partnerships, S-Corp, and C-Corporations.  Represent in audit requests. 


  • Training Streamline work processes for better productivity.  Provide instruction for various software processes spreadsheets, word processing, financial software, etc.  

Accounting, Tax Advisory Services, Payroll Professional, CFO for Hire, CFO for Interim, CFO for Projects,

Management, Executive Reporting, Controllership, Financial Analysis, Information Technology, Software Selection


IRS Form 1099 Reporting: What You Need to Know




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